Flower Seeds vs Bulbs

Flower Seeds vs Bulbs

Today, many cannot decide whether to buy seeds or bulbs. That doesn’t mean that one of them is better than the other. 

 The fact is that it depends on the type of plant or garden you want, where you live, and the type of soil you have. 

The seeds are very important as this is the first step in growing a plant. You can choose either organic or inorganic.

Organic vs Non-Organic seeds

Inorganic seeds are produced by traditional farming methods. This means spraying plants with synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides

It has been found to adversely affect almost everything that touches everything, from soil and ecosystems to those who run farms and those who eat produce.

Farmers want to buy all the compounds they spray, but they don’t want to spend too much effort to control weeds and pests, so they are cheap.

Organic seeds are the same seeds as non-organic seeds but are cultivated in organic farming.

Organic practices include replacing synthetic additives with natural organic additives and cultivating natural ecosystems and soils to reduce pressure from weeds and pests.

Non-Certified Organic vs Certified Organic Seeds

The difference between the organic seeds and the certified organic seeds is that they are both produced using an organic method, but only the certified organic seeds were checked by a third party. 

 Being certified is not necessarily better. Farmers often find certification unrealistic and too expensive, but still produce seeds that meet the same or better standards as certified organic subsidiaries. And they breed seeds sustainably. 

 The use of the word “organic” itself is not restricted, so anyone can claim that their product is “organic”. 

Types of Bulbs

Bulbs are modified stems in botany, which are dormant periods of certain seed plants, especially perennial monocotyledons.

Bulbs are formed of relatively large, with membranous or fleshy overlapping leaves resulting from short stems.

There are two main types of light bulbs. One typical species, or the onion, has a thin paper surface that covers its pulpy leaves. 
The scaly bulbs found in other species, true lilies, have bare storage leaves that are not protected by a paper cover, making the bulbs look like a series of horned scales.

Seeds vs Bulbs

As they grow back in the next season, the bulbs re-grow from the remaining root lines. Compared to seeds, onions are easier to move than seeds. 

 However, bulbs are an active plant and you may need to be more careful when planting them. 

Planting a garden doesn’t have to be rough … If you replace some bulbs, 

 you can have a flowing landscape with delight

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